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Magic Gamblijg Circlets have a special magic ability which allows players to receive a higher level magical Prefixes and Suffixes on Monster Drops and when Gambling on Circlets.

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Character level is the only thing that affects gambling. Circlets and coronets have a quality level below 60 (ilvl required for +3 to a skill tab) so. You can get a Tiara or Diadem only by gambling Coronets, not circlets. Coronets are much more expensive to gamble than Circlets, and you. Also is there any difference in gambling circlets/coronets (other than max socket thing). For circlet-like items, the alvl is max(ilvl,base qlvl)+magic level. Circlet: magic level=3, coronet: 8, tiara: 13, diadem: Gambling Coronets/Circlets?